Nutmeg High - The Worst Idea You Ever Had!

This post will go over the dangers of a  nutmeg overdose, because it could happen with only a little bit of nutmeg. Anthing above five grams of nutmeg will be considered acute nutmeg poisoning. This and can mean you will be in hospitalized and may even die. Very Large doses can risk the “Nutmeg Psychosis." This is a psychiatric disorder that dosn't sound very fun to me. The side effects include hallucinations, excitement,  depression, and irritability. There has been some animal testing which suggests that a nutmeg overdose can lead to liver cancer. This could mean that the user will develop irreversible liver damage from attempting a nutmeg high. Fever, shock, a feeling of impending doom, psychotic episodes, are all things that can occur after experimenting with this spice. Symptoms can start to appear anywhere from a hour to two and a half hours after the user ingests. This trip won't be over soon though, the effects can last for up to 2 days. These two days will be like the worst hangover you have ever had in your life. If you have to work or something, don't even think about it, all your going to want to do is sleep.

People go for the nutmeg overdose so they can get hallucinogenic effects. Unfortunately Nutmeg takes sooo long to come on it much less desirable than other traditional drugs. Teens who are intentionally trying to get high on nutmeg will find that it was not what they were expecting. From my research I suspect that about 20% of those that attempt to get a nutmeg high actually enjoy doing it. I have also found that about 80% experience the terrible flu like symptoms I was talking about before. Some more information regarding the effects of a nutmeg high can be found by following the link.

A rising number of teens are looking for highs from household products because they can't get anthing else. It is probably safe to say that if your teen is getting high on nutmeg, they are getting high on other drugs too. They simply couldn't get their hands on anything else so they decided a nutmeg high would be their pathetic solution. Any household high can really hurt the users health and puts them at risk of permanent damage, addiction, and death. Teens are heavily influenced by their peers and their parents actions, and it is usually the primary decision factor as to if the teen uses illegal or illicit drugs.

It makes me sad to hear that inhalants and huffing abuse are on the rise for teens today. Huffing and inhaling various household substances is incredibly bad for you and shouldn’t ever be done. If your looking for a way to get high try running, meditation, or a massage. Of course there are worse ways than a nutmeg high, huffing glue is obviously much worse, but it still shouldn't be done . It’s to think of the long term side effects of things when your teenager. Everyone thinks they are invincible at that age. Its hard to accept the fact that drugs can do long term permanent damage even after only one abuse. Just remember, your body is the only thing you really have. You don’t want to be 1 step behind your whole life, preserve those brain cells kids, find safer ways, my sponsors would be a good place to start.